Virtual Student Orientation Materials

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Getting Started / Before Orientation

Scheduling and Cancelling Advising Appointments

New Students

Current / Returning Students

Before Your Advising Appointment

CLEAR up Holds: Work with your New Student Coach to make sure your account is clear of any holds that will prevent you from being able to enroll in classes. Some holds can take several business days to resolve so do not wait until the last minute!
VERIFY tuition status: Students are awarded either in state or out of state tuition. This is determined by your response to residency questions on the 鶹¾ application and follows state guidelines for Virginia Domicile. Check with your New Student Coach to confirm you are receiving the correct tuition rate.
SUBMIT any paperwork requested by your New Student Coach or Enrollment Services.
EXPLORE your Academic Program and prepare questions for your advisor.

Enrolling in Classes

I’m Enrolled, What’s Next?

CHECK your VCCS Email Account weekly until classes begin and daily once classes begin

COMPLETE the required Building with Canvas Tutorial
ATTEND a New Student Welcome Event

  • There are lots of exciting ways to get connected on campus. Attend a Welcome Event to learn more about your new college community, win cool prizes, and more!
Resources for General Studies or Undecided Students

  • Take a
  • Make an appointment to discuss results with your academic advisor

Paying for Classes

Student Resources